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Why I Do Photography

Quick welcome to the blog and to my website.

Hello and welcome to my website! Thank you for perusing and I reckon the purpose of this blog post is just to explain why I do photography and why I decided to write this post.

About last week, I went on a photo shoot with a friend from back home (I'm currently off at college), but one thing we touched upon was really just focusing on composition and perspective.

I can't remember the exact line he said, but the big takeaway is that we both came to the consensus that photography should be for the creator to enjoy; photography should be the practiced extent of the individual behind the camera rather than the audience.

Yes, the audience is important, but I firmly believe that the most important thing to drive the trajectory of a photo shoot, a project, or any art piece should be the ultimate goal to realize our personal visions, our little takes on the world.

And this website and this blog is my process of exploring and pursuing that goal. Welcome to Pixels Shot.

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